Interview whith our CEO Carlos Lara

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Interview with our CEO Carlos Lara

Medisa is today a leading international company in the hospital and clinical furniture sector in Spain, and a reference in the sector at an international level.

Medisa currently supplies more than 50 countries on 5 continents, has more than 16,000 m² of its own facilities, generates more than 200 direct and indirect jobs and has its own production and R&D department.


Carlos Lara González, CEO and second generation at the head of MEDISA, tells us today about the beginnings of the company, the vision and mission of Medisa and will review the current situation of the company, what is the projection and future plans for the next few years.


-Hello Carlos, Tell us about the origins of the company and its founder.

The company was founded in 1985 by my father Carlos Lara Martínez, inspired by a dream: to improve the quality of the patient’s stay in hospitals, clinics and geriatric centers and to facilitate the medical work of health personnel in Spain.


What were the needs of hospitals at that time?

The needs have not changed, but there were great limitations, since Spain did not have the possibility of accessing products with the highest features to meet its needs. It was only supplied with national product with very basic standards.

This limitation is what motivated us to develop highly technical models designed to improve health care.


How were the beginnings? Tell us about the early years of the company.

The production line was basically aimed at social and health centers, at a time when the construction of centers for the elderly was beginning to develop. We started with a comprehensive equipment for complete residences, based on the supply of products that provide greater value, safety and improve the working conditions of the medical staff; In short, our aim was to improve the quality standards of the stay of our elders.

What has been the objective of Medisa in this last stage of the company?

Medisa has opted for national production, with 90% of the components of our products made in Spain, which entails the direct generation of more than 200 jobs nationwide.

Our commitment is to achieve the highest quality in our products, and for this it is essential to have total control of the processes of creation, production and distribution of the same. Thus, we have set up our own R&D development department.

Our objective is to generate a change in the sector, developing products that provide a great differential value, both in terms of performance and design, being essential to increase the safety of both the patient and the healthcare personnel.

Medisa intends to generate a change: that furniture is a tool that improves even the diagnosis of patients, being considered not just furniture, but a medical device.


¿How is the sale, distribution and supply of the products nationally and internationally?

We have a direct sales channel, incorporating new figures both in the national and international department.


Carlos, tell us about something as important as the after-sales service in these types of products that have a fairly long useful life.

It is one of the things in which we have worked more proactively: to develop a customer service department that improves the speed of response as well as its quality, establishing protocols that guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.


What product lines does Medisa currently offer?

We design and produce a wide range of products, covering both hospital and geriatric areas.

Within our extensive catalog we have the most advanced hospital beds, treatment tables, transport stretchers, examination stretchers, hospitalization chairs, sofa beds, side tables and lecterns, etc. which allows us to offer customers a comprehensive endowment.

Today our product line is one of the most advanced in technology on the international market.

How did Medisa experience the COVID-19 stage and how was the company’s response to the exponential increase in demand from hospitals and the urgency of having hospital beds, transport stretchers, transport chairs, etc. .?

We were very aware of the important role we play as one of the main suppliers in the sector. We understood that our company was at the service of all health institutions that urgently demanded our product, especially hospital beds. This level of commitment, assumed by all the workers of the company, led stock up on raw material in advance and assuming heavy investments to be able to cover the demand that was generated.

When the pandemic arose, the level of commitment was such that the facilities worked 24 hours a day and we managed to cover all the needs of hospitals throughout the Spanish territory.

All the investments in industrial machinery have served us to streamline our production processes, now allowing us to supply a large number of products in a short space of time, so we are prepared for any new contingency that may arise.


What is Medisa’s vision and roadmap for the next 5 years?

Our goal is continuous improvement, which motivates us to work daily to improve the quality of health care and the use of our products, and to meet the expectations of our customers, both in different product lines and in support of care.

We are in a phase in which we want to be one of the companies that offers a change in the idea of ​​hospital furniture. It has to become an element that serves for diagnosis and therapy, even accelerating the recovery processes.


We are not aware that the bed (without forgetting the rest of the elements such as the patient chair and cabinets) is one of the main products in the hospital, as it is being used by a large number of people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for What we dedicate our efforts to working directly with the people who handle this product in the hospital, from nurses, orderlies and technical personnel, and even with the patient by improving all the points that can alleviate their stay. For this reason, there is a greater technification of the bed, causing it not only to perform the up and down movements, but also to measure the patient’s constants from the nursing station, to know if it is in the lowest security position to avoid damage in falls, alarms that inform medical personnel of any risk that the patient may suffer, etc.

We put all our efforts into developing a complex product, keeping in mind the many people who work with our teams. To do this, we collect all the ideas of professionals and try to listen to everyone involved to improve day by day.

Carlos Lara.

CEO Medisa.

You can find this and other interviews in our MEDISA MAGAZINE in digital format, where you will find information, news and news about our company, as well as current affairs in the sector.



In this first issue we include the interviews with Albano Moreno, Dept. Coordinator. Properties and Head of Purchasing and Services at Intercentros Ballesol S.A and Ignacio Narváez, Corporate Technical Director at Grupo Viamed Salud. and on the part of Medisa, the interview with our CEO Carlos Lara where he tells us about the history, mission and values ​​of Medisa, and what the projection of the company will be in the coming years.

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