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Majestic 3

Majestic 3 bed, developed to satisfy the highest demands in the global hospital sector





Comfort and design

Handling and systems control


Epoxy coated steel tube frame.

New design for headboard and footboard that improves matress retention, preventing its displacement. The fixing system to the structure allows detaching them easily without tools.

Complete with supports for accessories (IV drip rod, lifting pole,etc. ) on each corner of the bed.

Raising system for greater stability in any position and working load up to 250 kg. SGS certificated.

Bed base with four independent and detachable HPL lying sections. Useful surace 100%.

Adjustable side retainers that prevent displacement of mattresses of different sizes.

Four independent HDPE Medical side rails in accordance with standard rule EN 60601-2-52 with gas spring assist and one hand operation

Side rails with an innovative mechanism that requires minimal folding, no more than 7.5 cm

The design of the side rails allows protecting the patient in the totality of the lying surface

“Help to stand up” button. It allows optimizing the sequence of thepatient’s exit from the bed

The bed has two blue LED light points integrated in the rail that are activated when it is lowered

Automatic alarm of the backrest at 30º

Double automatic anti-decubitus regression system to allow a backplane regression (11 cm) and leg regression (7 cm)

Radiolucent backrest section with RX cassette holder (optional Ref.CHV26) that allows the extraction of the tray without articulating the backrest

Sections, height and trendelenburg / reverse trendelenburg adjustment accomplished by low tension motors electric motors

Independent foot angle from knee angle by mechanical activation of 5 positions providing a greater ergonomics

Cardiac chair position to provide a more comfortable patient stay

Exit position button, that easies the patient to leave the bed

Functions can be locked individually or in a simultaneous way through “STOP” button

Centralized braking system and steering facility

5th wheel (optional Ref.CHV24) central and directional Ø125 mm. 360º rotating with two gases that adapt to uneven ground

Panel for medical staff, it allows to activate and cancel the different functions of the bed

Patient handset (inside rails): Allows patients to control and regulate the sections of the backrest, back/foot and height, activation of the “GO” button and the night light under the bed

Emergency release system in the event of electrical or battery back-up failure (CPR position)

Bilateral pedal for height adjustment. Allows adjust height to reduce harm risks

Double led safety positioning light (green color to indicate minimum height, red when it exceeds minimum safety height)

Braking pedal alarm: When the bed is connected this alarm warns if the braking system is deactivated

Low battery alarm

Safe fixation of the footboard and headboard that can be locked by a manual fixation system, without tools, which allows the bed transport without gaps and risks

Anti-trapping sensor with automatic engine stop when
detecting an obstacle

IPX6 protection against water and dust

Technical file

Technical data

  • External dimensions: 2233 x 980 mm
  • Patient surface: 2000 x 850 mm
  • Height adjustment: 428 to 748 mm (455 mm to 775 mm with scale)
  • Backrest tilting: 67º
  • Legrest tilting: 28º
  • Footrest tilting: 19º
  • Trendelenburg/reverse-trendelenburg: ± 16º
  • Maximum working load: 250 kg
  • Weight without accessories : 150 kg
  • Backrest autoregression: 150 mm
  • Footrest autoregression: 70 mm

Electrical features

  • Power supply: 240-100V 50-60Hz
  • Maximum current intake: 5A, 100-240V
  • Protection indicator: IP66
  • Class protection: Clase II
  • Electric shock protection: TYPE B


Optional accessories

  • Linfting pole (REF. CHA17)
  • IV Pole (REF. CHA15)
  • Mattress

Optional equipment

  • Headboard fixed to the base (REF. CHV65)
  • Bilateral pedal with locking function for height adjustment or examination position (REF. CHV83)
  • Fifth wheel (REF. CHV 24)
  • Brake alarm (REF. CHA30)
  • X-ray cassette holder guides (REF. CHV26)


All products manufactured by MEDISA comply with Directive 2007/47/EEC on medical devices (Annex I and Annex VII).

In the same way, all its processes have been evaluated and certified according to the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for Quality Management, the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard for Environmental Management and the UNE-ENE ISO 13485: 2016 standard for Quality Management of medical devices.

MEDISA products are subject to EN-ISO 14971, EN-ISO 15223-1, EN-ISO 13485, EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, EN 60601-2-52, EN 60601-1-6, EN 60601-1-8, EN 62366.

Certified by CSQ: CERTIFICATES Nº 9120.MDIB, Nº 9191.MDI2, Nº 9124.MIBE.

Scope: design, manufacture, marketing and technical assistance of hospital beds and armchairs. Marketing of hospital furniture.


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