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Medtrolley Medicine

Medication trolley with side-traction work table, five silent drawers and a resistant interior structure made of steel that ensures the resistance of the cart




Comfort and design



High quality silent wheels with 125mm diameter, smooth running and anti-winding

Three-step silent sliding drawer with self-locking function

Side-traction work table, which increases the available surface without increasing the volume of the cart

Cinco cajones con separadores ajustables para medicamentos, que facilitan la clasificación

Interior structure made of steel, which ensures great stability and durability

Manufactured with very hard material, which guarantees the resistance of the trolley against shocks

Central control lock and drawer closure, which ensures the safety of medications

Medication containers in the back of the trolley for greater storage

Silent wheels, with anti-winding technology

Manufactured with light and resistant material

Central control lock 

Drawers with compartments to classify medications

Technical file


  • Dimensions: 815 x 540 x 980 mm


Accesories included

  • Hidden work table
  • Power strip
  • Needle bucket
  • Garbage


All products manufactured by MEDISA comply with Directive 2007/47/EEC on medical devices (Annex I and Annex VII).

In the same way, all its processes have been evaluated and certified according to the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for Quality Management, the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard for Environmental Management and the UNE-ENE ISO 13485: 2016 standard for Quality Management of medical devices.

MEDISA products are subject to EN-ISO 14971EN-ISO 15223-1EN-ISO 13485EN 60601-1EN 60601-1-2EN 60601-2-52EN 60601-1-6EN 60601-1-8EN 62366.

Certified by CSQ: CERTIFICATES Nº 9120.MDIB, Nº 9191.MDI2, Nº 9124.MIBE.

Scope: design, manufacture, marketing and technical assistance of hospital beds and armchairs. Marketing of hospital furniture.


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