Hospital Furniture


Easy and simple to use examination table for exploration and treatment. Comfort and individual care thanks to its numerous functions. 2 Options:

-Electric model: Omega Pro

-Hydraulic model: Omega Pro-H




Bed Base




Extremely solid and stable structure

Cushions: padding made of polyurethane foam




Adjustable sections by pneumatic drives operated by ergonomically non-slip handles

The pneumatic springs are activated by pressing the cushions upwards

Upholstered in self-extinguishing vinyl fabric




Ergonomic breathing opening with padded lid

Two armrests that allow a comfortable position

Headrest inclination from 25º to -72º

Central up to 20º for drain and trendelenburg position


Feet up to 70º

Mobile with retractable wheels and rubber pedals; central lifting system

Adjustable height controlled by electric motor (with foot control)


Double swivel wheels, Ø 75 mm in diameter, retractable using bilateral pedal, with retractable locking/unlocking system and synchronized drive

Highly efficient centralized simultaneous braking

Legs with non-slip rubber and adjustable levelers on each leg to compensate for possible ground unevenness

Technical file

Technical data

  • Dimension: 202 x 67 cm
  • Height adjustment: 45 x 97 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 230 kg
  • Headrest inclination: 25º a -72º
  • Central inclination : 20º
  • Foot inclination : 75º
  • Trendelemburg: 20º


Electric characteristics

Electric motor power: 6000N
Insulation type: II-EC 601-1
Moisture resistance: IP 54


Included accessories

Roll holder support attached to the structure in the footboard area

Foot control




The OMEGA PRO examination stretcher meets the essential requirements of Regulation 2017/745 for medical devices and controlled under the quality management system EN ISO 9001-2015

Regulations: IEC/EN 60601-1 IEC/EN 60601-2



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