Hospital Furniture

Transcare 300

Developed to guarantee quick and safe transport of the patient, they offer the possibility of carrying out diagnosis and treatment directly on them.



Mattress Base




Metal structure frame in steel tube with Epoxy coating

High quality and great resistance to chemical and mechanical agents, as well as cleaning products

Fully faired ABS base that protects the structure

Bed base lifting system supported by stable columns, with cylindrical trims to facilitate cleaning

Bed composed of 2 adjustable sections, made of compact HPL material

Fully radiotransparent bed base on the entire surface

The stretcher allows the incorporation of a chassis plate, for carrying out radiographic tests

Stretcher and padding completely latex-free

All movements of the stretcher are carried out by hydraulic or pneumatic drives


Manual trunk plane articulation by means of pneumatic operation at an angle of 90º

The low height of the stretcher allows greater comfort for patients

Height elevation from 625 mm to 935 mm with silent and continuous descent, using hydraulic columns

Synchronized height regulation system through hydraulic system

Urgent descent in case of CPR emergency

Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg ±16º by hydraulic drive powered by bilateral pedals

It has special foot levers for brake operation, directional lock and turning device

Stretcher easy to direct and stop

Four faired and antistatic wheels of 200mm diameter

5th 125 mm diameter directional wheel with gas spring guaranteeing greater precision of movements

Four brake pedals located at both the head and foot make it easy for one person to manipulate the stretcher.

Articulation of the trunk plane activated by a gas spring, with an inclination of 0 to 90º

The trolley allows the backrest to be quickly folded in case of emergency such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Hydraulic lifting lever under the stretcher frame

Side protection strips and rotating bumpers

ABS lower fairing for easy cleaning, with built-in oxygen bottle holder

Folding side rails 150 cm long x 35 cm high

One-hand release and handrail locking system

Easy and safe handling, without risk of bruising or entrapment

Its lowest position does not exceed the height of the mat

Folding handles on the headboard and removable pusher on the footboard

Technical file


  • External dimension: 2120 x 890 mm
  • Patient surface dimension: 1900 x 690 mm
  • Backrest dimensions: 625 x 725 mm
  • Legrest dimensions: 660 x 1100 mm

Technical data

  • Height adjustment: 625 a 935 mm
  • Backrest tilt: 90º
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: ± 16º
  • Maximum weight load: 310 kg
  • Weight without accessories: 100 kg



X-ray permeable mat

Telescopic, foldable and adjustable IV pole with two hooks

Base adapted to oxygen cylinders of different sizes

Drainage bag holders


Monitor holder support

Paper roll holder

Chassis holder and cassette holder support

Padding for railings

Transfer mat

Medical records support

Patient straps


The product complies with the new European Regulation 745/2017 on medical devices and controlled under the EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.



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