Geriatric Furniture

Vida 300 FP Bed

Electric geriatric bed that facilitates the recovery process through its high innovation, with the novelty of split aluminum railings with full protection.



Structure and platform


Split aluminum railings

Height adjustment



Metal frame in steel tube

Lifting system supported by compasses

Two support points in each bed base structure allow the load to be distributed evenly for optimal lateral stability

Electro-static paint coating with epoxy finish and antibacterial and anticorrosive treatment

Electric articulated bed frame with 4 independent planes, made of ABS very resistant to deformation and breakage

Trendelburg Movements +15º



Curved headboard and footboardmade of steamed solid beech
wood without knots

Innovative wheel concept: easy and safe movement

Folding railings with design and safety systems, according to EN 60601-2-52              regulations

More security: full, parcial and 3/4 protection

More aesthetic: with greater simplicity


More reliability: split aluminum railings for help on the patient´s exit

More mobilization: adapts to the patient´s height

Maximum 82 cm: can rise up to 82 cm what simplifies daily care interventions in bed and care staff can work ergonomically and with relaxed backs

Minimum 21 cm: can be lowered to 21 cm for optimal prevention against the consequences of falls



Double stop system:

First stop 32 cm: prevents entrapment

Second stop 42 cm: for a safe and comfortable pacient exit

Software that synchronizes the movements of the box spring and the therapeutic positions

This avoids displacement and the corresponding repositioning of the patient

Dual LED safety positioning light

Emergency clutch release system in case of emergency, battery failure or lack of power (CPR position)

IP54 and IP66  protection against water and dust


Controls with automatic shutdown

Anti-pinch system

Backrest with automatic stop with 30º angulation

Technical file

Technical data

  • External dimensions: 210 x 101 cm
  • Patient surface dimensions: 200 x 90 cm
  • Height dimensions: 21 x 82 cm
  • Backrest angle: 65º
  • Legrest angle: 45º
  • Trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg: ±15º
  • Backrest regression: 15 cm
  • Weight without accessories: 150 kg
  • Maximum safe working load: 230 kg

Electric features

  • Power supply: 240-110v / 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum current intake: 1.6A, 370 Volt
  • Protection indicator: IP 54
  • Class of protection: Class ll
  • Electric shock protection: TYPE B


  • Position lights
  • Barettes
  • Lateral arches
  • Supports side drainage bags
  • Cable strip
  • Accessory holder


The VIDA 300 bed complies with the requirements of C.E. marking, under the terms and conditions established in the new Regulation 745/2017 regulating medical devices

The manufacturing process has been carried out in accordance with the Quality Management System implemented in the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and
environmental standards EN ISO 14001:2015


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